16 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Home (2024)

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you haven’t figured out what to give your Valentine, you’re probably not alone. If you’ve been looking for a truly meaningful gift and can’t figure out what to give, it’s impossible to go wrong with a home-related gift for just about anyone. Whether it's for someone with a taste for luxury items, fine art, or just an appreciation for beautiful things around the home, here are the best Valentine’s Day decor gifts to consider giving this year.

Lalique Anemone Crystal Sculpture

Let quiet luxury go loud this year with this striking Anemone Crystal Sculpture from Lalique. Designed by René Lalique in 1931, it’s a timeless and thoughtful gift the most sophisticated valentine would love to receive.

“Heart” By Osiris Zuñiga

Is your valentine a modern art collector? This hand-cut and heart sculpture by Colombian-born artist, Osiris Zuñiga brings the wow factor. While this particular piece measures 25 X 17 inches, other sizes are available upon request.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set. Soft as a cloud and one of Oprah’s favorite things, this set is made from the softest viscose from bamboo you can find. Choose from all sizes, from twin to split king, and thirteen different colors, including white, oat, and olive.

Rifle Paper Company X The Company Store Coverlet

Rifle Paper Company and The Company Store just collaborated on a bedding line that includes sheets, duvets, pillowcases, and pillow covers in new and classic prints and designs. However, it’s pretty hard to resist the Laurel Matelassé Coverlet. The subtle textured design is a new type of aesthetic for a brand known for its cheerful prints. It’s traditional, re-imagined at its finest.

Oreffors Double Carat 3-Piece Gift Set

Say “cheers” to this chic gift set from Oreffors. Featuring champagne glasses in the brand’s signature Carat design along with a matching vase, it’s thoughtful and personal. Ideal for a valentine or galantine, you can easily upgrade it with a bottle of good champagne.

Bouquet Box

Is your valentine a DIYer? They’ll adore Bouquet Box, which was created by Courtney Sixx. More than just an ordinary bouquet or flower subscription—Bouquet Box features fresh flowers from Mark’s Garden along with instructions on how to create a professional arrangement plus with all the tools you need. Several subscription options are available, but twelve months is the way to go.

Lola Blanket

There’s pretty much nothing softer than a Lola blanket. It’s like wrapping yourself up in a warm cloud. Made from a fur-like material, they look chic on the edge of a bed or draped over a sofa. Rosewater for Valentine’s Day is cozy at its finest.

Coastal Cowboy Southern Sweetwater Mosiac Cowboy Hat

This is a super fun gift for anyone who has hopped on board the coastal cowboy TikTok trend train (or even if they haven’t yet). Each Coastal Cowboy Decorative Cowboy Hat is one of a kind. Custom hats are also available. What could look more Southern charm meets grandma chic on a bookshelf or coffee table?

Essentia Mattress

What’s a better gift than a new mattress? Seriously, Essentia organic latex mattresses are the next best thing to sleeping on a cloud. These non-toxic mattresses even have a GOTS certified cotton cover, so send one to your crunchiest valentine.

Eight Sleep Sleep Pod

Want to get a great gift for the biohacker in your life? Eight Sleep is the way to go. Eight Sleep pods go over your existing mattress to track sleep and adjust bed temperature based on sleep stages among other fantastic features. It’s life-changing for anyone who has sleep issues or simply wants to wake up more energized. Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Elon Musk, and Andrew Huberman are all fans of this innovative technology.

L’Avant Collective Blushed Bergamot Luxury Home Essential Bundle

Know someone who loves to clean or recently moved into a new home? They’ll love the L’Avant Collective Blushed Begamot Luxury Home Essential Bundle. This set comes with a Multipurpose Cleaner, Hand Soap, and Dish Soap in the brand’s newest scent. With a cleaning brush and chic lucite tray, this gift is useful, aesthetic, and fabulous.

Lesruches Mabre Candles

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a candle more luxurious than LesRuches Mabre. Choose from a variety of scents including the brand’s signature Bois De Santal, gorgeous Gardenia, and the sophisticated Le Tabac. From Ryan Seacrest to Kourtney Kardashian—these are also a celebrity favorite.

Nespresso Breville Creatista Plus

Do you wish you had a barista in your home? The Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus is the next best thing. With a steam wand to make everything from lattes to flat whites—there's also a touch screen, making it incredibly easy to use.

Frank Lloyd Wright Collection x Maya Brenner Skylight Necklace

While this isn’t technically decor, architecture aficionados will love this cool necklace designed in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection. Available in gold vermeil and sterling silver, it’s a unique tribute to the work of a legend.

Weezie Makeup Towels

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more luxurious towel than Weezie. These super soft towels keep their fluff with every wash and come in a variety of colors, piping, and monogram styles. We also love their coral heart makeup towels, which make a great under $50 gift for a galantine.

Crow Canyon Catalina Napkins

Looking to share a small token with someone that’s something they wouldn't likely buy for themselves? Crown Canyon Catalina Napkins strike the perfect balance between fun and sophisticated. Best of all, they elevate every tablescape.

Habitat Marble Dog Bowl

Looking for a fantastic gift for the dog lover in your life? Habitat’s Marble Dog Bowl couldn’t be more thoughtful. While undeniably chic, marble is great at keeping your dog’s (or cat’s) water nice and cold.

“Expansion” Oil Painting By Móyòsoré Martins

This large-scale panting (a generous 96 x 60 inches) is made from oil, pigments, and charcoal on canvas. Created by New York-based, contemporary African artist, Móyòsoré Martins, the colorful piece definitely isn’t a traditional Valentine’s gift, but rather a bold addition that any art collector will appreciate.

16 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Home (2024)


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