5 Clever Early Spring Table Decor Ideas (2024)

Looking for ways to dress up your table for early spring? Check out these 5 clever spring table settings to warm up your dining room decor.

When I decorate, I love to bring the outdoors in with lots of greens, florals and natural, textured elements.

This spring, I’m drawn to pretty neutrals with so this tablescape has lots of pretty woods and organic textured layers.

I am really excited to join the Promise of Spring Tablescape Tour hosted by my talented friend, Rachel of The Ponds Farmhouse.

If you are coming from my good friend Kristin’s from White Arrows Home, welcome to my home!

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Rustic Farmhouse Spring Table Settings Ideas

I love entertaining and dressing up my dining room table for guests.

No matter how big or small the event is, I love to design a beautiful centerpiece and set a gorgeous table that coordinates with it.

But it’s gotta be easy!

This year, the inspiration behind my early spring table setting is this gorgeous floral centerpiece that I made using my favorite vintage toolbox.

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Centerpiece Idea for the Dining Room Table

Every table starts with a beautiful centerpiece..

They can be designed with live or faux plants.

If you want a centerpiece that will last for a season without the care, I suggest going with faux.

There are some amazingly realistic looking faux plants out there.

And if you want to decorate with faux, start collecting seasonal faux greens and flowers using these tips.

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When making a centerpiece, start with a vessel that inspires you.

For me, I am obsessed with my vintage toolbox.

It looks incredible on my farmhouse dining table and I love the vintage rustic vibe.

Because I love using it as a centerpiece vessel, it has has gone through many looks in the last year.

And I use a lot of the same faux greens and florals, but in different ways.

It started with this gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Then I changed it up slightly to make this beautiful Christmas centerpiece idea.

After the holidays, the same toolbox transitioned to this amazing winter centerpiece idea for the dining table.

Isn’t it so cool how changing out a few simple items can totally transform the look?

And then it transitioned to spring and summer with this centerpiece idea for the dining table. It was a little more spring, but I kept it through summer because it was neutral, looked gorgeous and I loved it.

It then got a new look for fall.

Here’s what it looked like for holidays this year.

To tone it down for winter, I removed the Christmas ornaments and added a few organic elements.

And check out what I did for Valentine’s Day, I swapped out half of the greens and pine cones for these GORGEOUS faux roses.

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Since I’m starting to decorate my home for early spring, I designed a whole new centerpiece using these incredible faux tulips.

Don’t they look so real?

I bought them last year.

And because I enjoyed them so much.

I bought more.

For this centerpiece, I started with two faux green bunches, tucked in the tulips and added these dainty faux fern and lavender bunches.

Now that we’ve got the centerpiece done, let’s decorate the dining room table.

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Early Spring Table Setting Ideas

Those gorgeous faux tulips and textured, organic neutrals are the inspiration for this beautiful tablescape.

To decorate the table, I started with a jute table runner and then set my early spring toolbox centerpiece on top.

I love using jute because it has a beautiful neutral texture that adds another dimension to the table.

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For each place setting, I started with my favorite cedar branch placemats.

Sadly these are no longer available anymore at Pier 1. But I’m keeping my eye on it. Fingers crossed they get more in stock!

Then, I topped off each with a decorative wood charger.

I added this gorgeous scalloped melamine charger and topped it off with my grandmother’s Lenox.

Because I wanted to focus on neutrals, I used some pretty beige window pane linens.

5 Clever Early Spring Table Decor Ideas (7)

I love how the beige looks with those gorgeous wood chargers, don’t you?

For some casual elegance, I used my grandmother’s gold flatware and crystal goblets.

And that’s it!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Next up on the Promise of Spring Tablescape Tour is my good friend Kim from Shiplap and Shells.

She has such a beautiful home and garden. I know you’ll love her as much as I do.

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5 Clever Early Spring Table Decor Ideas (2024)


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