Easy Breezy Spring Table Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space - hostessology (2024)

In this post, you’ll find spring table decor ideas that will help you transition your dining space from winter to the warmer months. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your Easter table – or just an every day look to enjoy – this post will load you up with budget-friendly styling tips to set your table for the spring season.

In addition, there’s a spring treat for you at the end of this post!.. A freebie place card printable that would work perfectly for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, or just about any seasonal get together. The place card printable is actually a Canva template, so you’ll be able to customize, download, and print. For FREE! Yay!

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Spring Table Decor Ideas

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Spring Table Centerpiece

Firstly, the foundation of this spring centerpiece is a beautiful sage green and golden brown stripe table runner. The fabric is woven, which means it has TONS of texture. Additionally, green is a huge home decor trend. In fact, it made the top of many 2022 paint color lists (like this one and this one).

So, it’s no surprise the green color trend is making its way into table decor. And spring is the PERFECT time of year to indulge. If you’re not ready to paint a room green, table decor is a non-committal space to try it out.

Secondly, the centerpiece includes two modern taper candle holders. When I say these are jaw-dropping gorgeous, I seriously mean it. 100%.

The best thing about the candlesticks is they have a lot of design interest without being too bold. They create a statement without stealing the whole show. Because they are made of white resin, you’ll be able to use them on your table throughout spring and beyond into summer!

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Thirdly, the centerpiece has three small round glass vases of flowers. Would you believe these three floral arrangements cost under $15. Not each. Total!? Well, it’s true! The vases are from Dollar Tree, and the flowers were $5 per bunch from Trader Joe’s. (I used two bunches.) Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot to make a space feel special.

To get this look, I clipped the stems of the daisies short, pulled off most of the leaves, and placed them in the vases one stem at a time. While it may be tempting to stick them in the vase all at once, this doesn’t work as well because the stems in the vase will be in one clump rather than an airy criss-crossed effect of individually placing them.

Spring Place Setting

Next, let’s dive into these spring place settings.

Firstly, the plates are a new addition to my collection. I’ve been on the hunt for organic edge, white stoneware plates for quite some time. Finally, I chose these because they checked every design-requirement box. Plus, they are from Target, which means they are SUPER affordable.

Because the plates are so hefty (and I do mean that; they have some serious weight!), a placemat or charger was not needed. If you wanted to use a placemat, you could. However, I would caution you do not use these plates with chargers because they likely won’t fit the shape since the plates are completely flat on the bottom.

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Secondly, a napkin that coordinates perfectly with the table runner was folded and placed on top of each plate. This fold worked best for this particular napkin because the stripes only cover one section of the napkin and I wanted to make sure they were spotlighted.

Sometimes folding napkins with tasseled edges can be tricky. Here are my best tips for this fold, and how to handle the tassels so you end up with a neat, modern finished product:

  1. Iron the napkin
  2. Fold the napkin completely in half
  3. And fold the napkin in half again lengthwise, keeping the tassels slightly back from the edge so they don’t peak out
  4. Then fold the napkin in half widthwise, but align the tassels on the top half just above the tassels on the bottom half.
  5. Smooth out the napkin with your hands and make sure the top corners are pointed

Lastly, complete the look with gold flatware placed on the napkins and a woven-wrapped glass to the top right of each plate.

Free Printable Place Cards

Ready for a freebie!? How about free customizable place cards? When you fill out the form below and confirm your subscription to my newsletter, you’ll receive a link to Canva where you can edit, download, and print.

Even better, everything is customizable on the template. Don’t care for green? Change it with the click of the button. Prefer a more casual font? Switch it up to something less formal than script. Feel free to make it your own to fit your spring table decor – or any other holiday or season!

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Easy Breezy Spring Table Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space - hostessology (2024)


How to easily decorate a table? ›

You can match the colors of the plates and dishes with fresh flowers and table linen. A quick and easy way to liven up a table and add focus to a room is with a table runner, such as this beautiful yellow and green example, easily complemented with a matching citrus-based fruit bowl.

How can I decorate my fall table? ›

Go minimal with rustic wood bowls filled with ripe apples, pumpkins, or gourds and a scattering of foliage, or take the autumnal atmosphere to the max with gilded flatware and colorful vases bursting with yellow yarrow.

How to decorate a table for cheap? ›

  1. Mason jar centerpieces: Fill mason jars with fresh flowers, twinkle lights, or candles for a rustic and romantic look.
  2. DIY floral arrangements: Purchase bulk flowers and greenery and arrange them in vases or containers of your choice for a custom and budget-friendly centerpiece.
Mar 2, 2023

What is the most popular form of centerpiece? ›

The most popular type of centerpiece is a vase of flowers. What is a good centerpiece for a kitchen table? A vignette centerpiece is a great centerpiece for a kitchen table.

What makes a good centerpiece? ›

A good centerpiece is pleasing to the eye, doesn't block a guest's view, and is cohesive with the party's theme. If using flowers, make sure they are fresh and properly trimmed.

How can I make my table more beautiful? ›

Layer Textures and Materials

Layer textures to create a beautiful tablescape. I layered linens, woven placemats, and live flowers (mixed in with some faux florals). I also mixed a variety of finishes including glass, porcelain, and brass. I found the glassware and plates at Tuesday.

How do you make a coffee table look expensive? ›

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a cheap coffee table look expensive is to add a few pieces of modern decor. Try to select items with interesting shapes and colors that will stand out against the table's simple design.

How to decorate room for spring? ›

Update toss cushions with cheerful patterns, bring in vibrant hues of florals and greenery, and embrace the inviting scents of spring with fresh candles that awaken the senses and uplift the ambience,” she suggests.

What is nice to put on a coffee table? ›

Big, beautiful books about things that you like. A tray that you can use to put small, pretty things on. Coasters that you can put your drinks on to protect your table. Plants or flowers in a small pot or vase to make your living room look more alive.

How do you make a simple fall centerpiece? ›

For a unique fall centerpiece idea, swap your traditional vase for a more seasonal vessel. Hollow out a white pumpkin (either real or faux) and arrange a bouquet of colorful flowers inside. Add floral tubes to stems or line the pumpkin with a plastic bag before filling with water to preserve blooms during dinner.

How to decorate a table everyday? ›

Here are some additional ideas for everyday dining table decor:
  1. Use a tray to group smaller items together.
  2. Create a seasonal centerpiece with natural materials like pinecones or leaves.
  3. Display a collection of books or cookbooks on your table.
  4. Use candlesticks or lanterns to add height and dimension to your table.
Nov 30, 2023

How to decorate a fall centerpiece? ›

Fallen Leaves Centerpiece

Simply find leaves and bare branches to craft an arrangement. (There's no need to press the leaves; the beauty is in their natural form.) Spray them over with gold paint and let dry. Hot-glue them to the branches, then arrange in a vase.

How do you make a spring table centerpiece? ›

Colored Egg and Flower Centerpiece

Turn leftover paper egg cartons into a chic centerpiece by cutting out egg cups in groups of four and painting them white. Then arrange them in a circle and fill with eggs, flowers, or candy.

How do you make a table look fancy? ›

  1. Create height on the table by stacking plates and bowls and decorate with tall vases or candlesticks.
  2. Ensure your tablecloth, porcelain and interior details match each other for a uniform look.
  3. Decorate the table with cloth napkins for a luxurious feeling.

How do you set a table beautifully? ›

The fork is placed to the left of the plate. Place the knife to the right of the dinner plate and then set the spoon to the right of the knife. Set the water glass in the top right corner, above the knife. The napkin can be placed on top of the dinner plate or beneath the fork.


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