OluKai Women’s Soft Slippers, Mule Slippers & House Shoes (2024)

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Women’s Slippers

Why are OluKai Women’s Slippers the World’s Most Comfortable Slippers?

We design our women’s slippers with premium materials to deliver maximum comfort. Shearling lining, durable rubber outsoles, full-grain leather—all of these products help us deliver the world’s comfiest women’s slippers anywhere.

Are OluKai Women’s Slippers Warm?

OluKai women’s slippers are warm, yet breathable. Materials like shearling and full-grain leather keep your feet nice and cozy without blocking airflow.

Where Can You Wear OluKai Women’s Slippers

OluKai women’s slippers have a durable outsole that allows them to be worn both indoors and outdoors. You can wear them in the house, around the block, to the grocery store, the coffee shop, post-surf, and wherever else you choose.

What is the Difference Between Women’s Slippers and Women’s House Shoes?

There's no big difference! Women’s house shoes and women’s slippers are two names for the same type of footwear. We call our product "women’s slippers" because they're designed with durable outsoles that can be worn beyond the front door.

Should You Buy OluKai Women’s Slippers a Half Size Bigger if You Normally Wear a Half Size Shoe?

Since our women’s slippers only come in full sizes, fit can be a bit difficult to determine, as it is usually your personal preference. In most cases, sizing up to the next size will offer the best and most comfortable fit.

OluKai Women’s Soft Slippers, Mule Slippers & House Shoes (2024)


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