The Best Vanity Lighting for Every Bathroom Style (2024)

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The Best Vanity Lighting for Every Bathroom Style (1)


Vanity lighting makes our bathrooms sanctuaries, as the bathroom is where we prepare ourselves for the day and then return to perform evening rituals. The best bathroom vanity lighting can make your bathroom a calm, mindful space to reduce stress and anxiety. After all, the right bathroom lighting is one element to achieving this serene atmosphere.

Shopping for bathroom light fixtures can overwhelm even the most enthusiastic home decorators. Read on to learn about the fixture features to look for as you select the best vanity lighting for your bathroom and the top picks in each category.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Presde Modern Chrome Crystal Bath Vanity Lighting
  2. RUNNER-UP: Birch Lane Breena Transparent Vanity Light
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Joosenhouse Modern Stainless Steel LED Vanity Light
  4. BEST DIMMABLE: Mirrea 48-Inch Modern LED Dimmable Vanity Light
  5. BEST SCONCES: Linea di Liara Effimero Modern Farmhouse Wall Light
  6. BEST PENDANT: Linea di Liara Primo Industrial Factory Pendant Light
  7. BEST FOR MAKEUP: DLLT Vintage Bathroom Vanity Light
  8. ALSO CONSIDER: Solfart Modern Glass Stainless Steel Vanity Light

The Best Vanity Lighting for Every Bathroom Style (2)


How We Chose the Best Vanity Lighting

The best vanity lighting must be lit well to fit the mood of the bathroom, while hopefully looking great and adding a touch of style to the bathroom. We researched the top bathroom lighting brands and vanity designs with high customer satisfaction and positive testimonials.

We gathered our top picks in a range of styles to match several popular bathroom looks—from glamorous modern with sleek chrome finishes to antique brass for a vintage aesthetic. Naturally, since we’re talking about a bathroom’s accent lighting, the recommended products also feature a degree of moisture resistance and should comfortably stand up to the occasional splash.

Shoppers have different preferences with regard to their preferred color temperature and brightness for their bulbs, so we made sure to include options for a wide variety of bulb types, colors, and brightness levels—many of our top picks are also dimmable for a comforting, warm glow.

Our Top Picks

Here are some of the best vanity lights currently on the market. We organized each of these options by category and included pros and cons for each to help make the shopping process easier.

Best Overall


Presde Modern Chrome Crystal Bath Vanity Lighting



Product Specs

  • Type: Multi-light strip
  • Bulb compatibility: G9 bulbs
  • Water resistance: Waterproof
  • Finishes: Chrome, black and gold, gold, and matte black


  • Dimmable with compatible G9 bulbs to create ambience in a given space
  • Chrome/stainless steel finish is rustproof and waterproof for reliable use in bathrooms
  • Several configurations to fit individual vanities; each lamp head can rotate 350 degrees and swivel 45 degrees
  • Comes in 4 different finishes and sizes to meet individual needs


  • Bulbs are sold separately; some users say the correct bulb type is hard to find

This bathroom vanity light from Presde has glass lampshades that will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a bathroom update. Users can customize their lighting experience by rotating the lamp heads and pointing them where light is needed. Its mirrored chrome stainless steel finish is both waterproof and rustproof.

This fixture requires G9 bulbs, which are sold separately, and is also compatible with dimmable bulbs. It’s available in strips of three, four, five, or six bulbs to accommodate vanities of varying sizes, in either a chrome, gold, black and gold, or matte black finish.

Get the Presde vanity light at Amazon.


The Best Vanity Lighting for Every Bathroom Style (4)


Product Specs

  • Type: Multi-light strip
  • Bulb compatibility: A19 bulbs
  • Water resistance: Damp rated
  • Finishes: Warm brass, black, English bronze, polished chrome, and satin nickel


  • Tapered glass-dome shades have a hand-blown look
  • Available in 5 color options to suit multiple bathroom styles
  • Can be installed with the glass-dome shades positioned up or down for versatility
  • Made by a reputable brand for reliability and peace of mind


  • May be too small or dim for some users’ spaces; may be better suited for powder rooms

Birch Lane’s classic designs and reliability have made it a brand well known for producing quality products. The Breena transparent vanity light is one example of this quality. Made with four tapered glass-dome shades and a steel arm and backplate, this model has a hand-blown look and can be installed with the lights facing either up or down depending on the user’s preference.

The Birch Lane Breena also comes in five color options to suit the current fixtures of many modern bathrooms, and it is safe to use in damp environments. This fixture should be used with standard A19 60-watt bulbs and will need to be hardwired for proper operation.

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Best Bang For The Buck


Joosenhouse Modern Stainless Steel LED Vanity Light



Product Specs

  • Type: Single-light fixture
  • Bulb compatibility: LED bulbs
  • Water resistance: Unlisted
  • Finishes: Chrome


  • Comes in 3 size options of varying lumen outputs between 560 and 1,120 lumens
  • Can be hung either horizontally or vertically to suit a bathroom’s current setup
  • Made with durable stainless steel and acrylic for long-term reliability


  • The smaller option may not provide enough brightness for some bathrooms
  • No water resistance level is listed; may not withstand damp environments well

Those who want to brighten up the bathroom without breaking the bank may want to consider this model from Joosenhouse. Made with a chrome finish, stainless steel base, and a large LED bulb, this option comes in 8-, 10-, and 16-watt models (ranging in length from 15.7 inches to 31.5 inches) that emit between 560 and 1,120 lumens to suit a variety of accent lighting needs.

For excellent versatility, shoppers have the option of installing this light either horizontally or vertically to accommodate a current bathroom setup. Plus, since this is an LED option, it is ideal for the eco-conscious consumer and energy bill.

Get the Joosenhouse vanity light at Amazon.

Best Dimmable


Mirrea 48-Inch Modern LED Dimmable Vanity Light



Product Specs

  • Type: Single-light fixture
  • Bulb compatibility: ‎LED bulbs
  • Water resistance: IP44 rated (splashproof)
  • Finishes: Chrome stainless steel


  • Made with a 180-degree rotating hinge; users can aim the light up or down
  • The frosted acrylic cover prevents glares or light distortion
  • Users can choose between 2 color temperatures: warm white and cold white
  • Works with TRIAC dimmer switches for a soft glow effect


  • Pricey compared with similar options on the market
  • Some users have reported that the color of the light is not appealing in some spaces

Those who are ready for a Hollywood close-up will find that this is the fixture for them. The 48-inch Mirrea modern LED vanity light produces 3,680 lumens, which is equivalent to an eight-light vanity fixture. It easily illuminates a double-sink bathroom and can reasonably be the sole source of light in most bathrooms.

This fixture is compatible with TRIAC dimmer switches, so users can moderate the light’s intensity when they prefer. Designed with chromed stainless steel and a frosted acrylic cover, Mirrea’s vanity light has a 180-degree rotating hinge that allows users to adjust the light in the direction they choose. It is available in both a warm hue or cold hue.

Get the Mirrea vanity light at Amazon.

Best Sconce


Linea di Liara Effimero Modern Farmhouse Wall Light



Product Specs

  • Type: Sconce
  • Bulb compatibility: LED, CFL, halogen, and smart bulbs
  • Water resistance: Unlisted
  • Finishes: Black, brushed nickel, chrome, copper, and satin brass


  • Available in multiple finishes to match a given space’s current fixtures
  • Dimmable with the right bulbs for versatility and creating ambience
  • Comes with a lower price tag than other options on the market
  • Can be mounted as an overhead lighting fixture or on either side of a mirror


  • Mounting bracket may need modification to fit
  • Water resistance is not listed, although manufacturer states that it’s suitable for bathrooms

The Effimero wall light will add a touch of modern elegance to a bathroom’s decor. These unique bathroom vanity lights can be installed shade up or shade down. In a small space, install a single fixture sideways over the bathroom mirror, or pair two on either side of a vanity mirror for symmetry (and more light).

If users install dimmable bulbs, its lights are dimmable, and it’s compatible with most medium-base bulbs, including LED, CFL, halogen, and most smart bulbs. This UL-listed sconce comes in five finishes: black, brushed nickel, chrome, copper, and satin brass. Shoppers who like the look of these and need to illuminate a larger bathroom will want to be sure to check out the manufacturer’s coordinating multi-bulb fixtures.

Get the Linea di Liara Effimero vanity light at Amazon.

Best Pendant


Linea di Liara Primo Industrial Factory Pendant Light



Product Specs

  • Type: Pendant
  • Bulb compatibility: Most medium-base 60-watt bulbs
  • Water resistance: Unlisted
  • Finishes: Brushed nickel, chrome, and black/brass


  • Available in multiple finishes and with a clear or frosted white globe
  • Dimmable with a compatible EVL dimmer for creating ambience
  • Shoppers have the option of including an LED bulb with purchase for added convenience


  • Requires hardwiring; no switch or plug on the fixture
  • No water resistance level is listed; may not be suitable for damp environments

Clear, bright light is typically sought after for bathrooms and powder rooms, making this glass globe pendant from Linea di Liara a perfect pick. It comes with either brushed nickel, chrome, or black/brass hardware so users can coordinate with existing bathroom fixtures. The glass shade comes in either a clear translucent finish or a frosted white finish. Depending on the finish chosen, it can suit either traditional or more contemporary decor.

It has a minimum height of 14 inches, a maximum hanging height of 100 inches, and a diameter of 8 inches. It’s compatible with most medium-base 60-watt bulbs, including smart bulbs. This pendant is also fully dimmable when used with the right EVL dimmer.

Get the Linea di Liara Primo vanity light at Amazon.

Best for Makeup


DLLT Vintage Bathroom Vanity Light



Product Specs

  • Type: Multi-light fixture
  • Bulb compatibility: Most 60-watt E26 bulbs of 60 watts
  • Water resistance: Unlisted
  • Finishes: Black, black/gold, gold, or silver


  • Provides ample light with the use of three 60-watt bulbs; compatible with most E26 bulbs
  • Available in 2-bulb, 3-bulb, and 4-bulb configurations to suit an individual user’s preference
  • Can be installed with the light fixtures pointing upward or downward
  • Can be made dimmable with a compatible switch


  • Glass shades can wobble if not screwed in tightly
  • No water resistance level is provided; may not withstand extreme moisture

With its rust-resistant matte black, black/gold, gold, or silver finish and clear glass cylinders, the DLLT vintage bathroom vanity light is a great lighting option for applying for makeup. DLLT’s vanity light fixture complements homes with contemporary, industrial decor. Users can Install the fixture with bulbs facing up or down, depending on their style preference.

Though its E26 socket is compatible with a variety of light bulbs, including LED and incandescent, users can raise this fixture’s cool factor even more by pairing it with Edison bulbs. This task lighting fixture is available in two-bulb, three-bulb, and four-bulb strips with two globe options and is dimmable if paired with a dimmer switch.

Get the DLLT vanity light at Amazon.

Also Consider


Solfart Modern Glass Stainless Steel Vanity Light



Product Specs

  • Type: Multi-light fixture
  • Bulb compatibility: LED bulbs
  • Water resistance: IP44 rated (splashproof)
  • Finishes: Polished stainless steel


  • Stylish bubbled glass design is unique and bright; adds a touch of elegance to a space
  • Energy efficient; provides up to 1,920 lumens while only using 24 watts of power
  • IP44 rating provides a waterproof and rust-resistant construction
  • Available in multiple sizes to suit a wide variety of bathrooms or powder rooms


  • Dimmer than other options; may not be suitable as the only light source

The Solfart modern vanity light is a modern take on an above-the-mirror light fixture. Its stainless steel finish is polished to a glossy, mirrored shine, and its shades are made of elegant bubbled glass. Resistant to both rust and moisture with its IP44 rating, the fixture is available in three-, four-, five-, or six-bulb sizes that accommodate energy-efficient 16-watt LED light bulbs.

Plus, depending on the size, this model uses 12 to 24 watts to produce between 960 and 1,920 lumens of light, making it very energy efficient. Users can complement a single sink with one fixture or double vanities with two.

Get the Solfart vanity light at Amazon.

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What to Consider When Choosing Vanity Lighting

The first step in choosing vanity lights for bathrooms is deciding what style of ambient lighting fixture best suits your decor. Once you settle on how you want your bathroom light fixture to look, think about the best lighting temperature—warm or cool, each of which has a specific purpose—to help you achieve your vision of the perfect bathroom. The following are a few things to think about as you shop for the best vanity lighting.


The number of vanity lighting fixtures you need in your bathroom depends on how big your bathroom is, how big your vanity is, and how bright vanity lighting needs to be for your space. There are four main styles of bathroom vanity lights: single-light fixtures, multi-light strips, bar fixtures, and sconces.

  • Single-light fixtures rarely cast enough light to illuminate a bathroom and should thus be reserved for small spaces if they are the room’s only light source.
  • Multi-light strips hold between two and eight bulbs and are usually installed above the mirror.
  • Bar fixtures, which are multi-light strips encased in a frosted shadow box, are an easy way to update an outdated bathroom.
  • Sconces are usually hung in pairs on either side of a focal point, such as a bathroom mirror, 5 feet to 6 feet from the floor.
  • Pendant lights are trendy globe-shaped fixtures that typically contain a single bulb, so they’re best used in combination when lighting bathroom spaces.

Next, think about what color you want the fixture’s finish to be. Modern vanity light fixtures are often black, white, chrome, polished nickel, brass, and antiqued brass. Many people coordinate their bathroom lighting fixtures’ finish with the finish of their vanity faucet and with the overall style of their space.

One last question to ask as you finalize your bathroom vanity lighting look: Will the bulbs be right-side up or upside down? Most bathroom vanity light fixtures can be installed with their bulbs facing upward or downward. The right orientation for you is a matter of preference.

Color Temperature

As you shop for the best vanity light for your bathroom, be mindful of the color temperature you want your bathroom lighting to cast. Bathroom vanity lights can cast either warm or cool glows, and some lights have dual temperature options. Warm temperatures cast a cozy, flattering light.

Cool (or white) light is closest to natural light and is ideal for detailed tasks like makeup application. Energy-efficient LED bulbs, available in a variety of hues, are another option for bathroom vanity lighting.

Dimmable Features

With dimmable vanity lights, you can control how bright your lights are and the overall ambience of the room. Full light is necessary for makeup application or shaving, but an evening bath will be more relaxing with dimmed lighting.

Vanity light dimmers are typically controlled by a wall knob or button. Some accent lighting manufacturers also have apps that allow users to control dimmers remotely, via smartphones and smart speakers. Note, however, that vanity light fixtures with dimming capabilities may require dimmable light bulbs. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific fixture.

Water Resistance

While shopping for the best vanity lights, you’ll notice that products are often labeled with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. These ratings begin with the letters “IP” followed by two numbers ranging from 0 to 8. The first digit indicates how protected a lighting fixture is against solids like dust and large particles.

The second number indicates the fixture’s resistance to moisture and water. Zero indicates no protection, and 8 indicates full protection. An IP rating of IP15, for example, offers minimal protection against solid objects but moderate protection against sprayed jets of water. If your vanity lights are close to your tub or shower, consider a higher IP water rating.

Dry-rated vanity lights are suitable for many bathrooms, as long as these areas don’t come in direct contact with water.


Choosing the best vanity lighting for your bathroom might feel overwhelming because there are so many fixture designs and sizes from which to choose. Before you begin shopping for the best vanity lighting, here are answers to a few questions you may have.

Q. What is the right ratio of mirror and vanity light?

It’s recommended that vanity lighting fixtures be three-fourths as wide as the vanity mirror. If you have two sinks, however, two lighting fixtures will offer a more symmetrical look.

Q. Is it better to have vanity lights positioned up or down?

Positioning your vanity lights upward forces light to stop once it hits your ceiling, providing a more ambient and muted look. If you decide to position your vanity light downward, it is more likely to provide task lighting as the light is uninterrupted and distributed throughout the room.

Q. How high above your mirror should your vanity lights be?

If you decide to place a vanity light over a mirror, it should be hung or affixed so that the bulbs and bulb coverings are not hanging over the mirror. As a rule of thumb, your multi-light fixture should be placed no closer than 1 inch from the top of the mirror.

The same rule applies with single-light fixtures and sconces, but these can also be affixed 1-inch from either side of avanity mirror at eye-level. It should also be noted that these fixtures should be placed 35 to 40 inches apart.

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The Best Vanity Lighting for Every Bathroom Style (2024)


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