Unveiling the Epic Saga: God of War Series Chronology and Game Summaries (2023)


Embark on an odyssey through the captivating realms of the God of War series, where the legend of the bald warrior with a red streak and chin beard was born in March 2005 with the release of the first installment in North America, titled God of War. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the chronological sequence of all God of War games, allowing you to experience the enthralling narrative in its correct context.

The God of War Series: A Chronological Journey

  1. God of War - Ascension

    • Release Date: March 13, 2013
    • Platform: PS3

    Dive into the seventh installment, serving as a prequel to the series. Kratos, facing imminent defeat, forges a blood oath with the war god Ares. Betrayed and captured by the Furies, Kratos must break free, seeking redemption and liberation from Ares' bonds.

  2. God of War - Chains of Olympus

    • Release Date: March 28, 2008
    • Platform: PSP

    Positioned before the gates of Attica, engage in a battle against the Persian army. As the sun disappears, Persephone and Atlas kidnap the sun god Helios, plunging the world into eternal darkness. Tasked by other gods, your mission is to save Helios while battling illusions haunting you.

  3. God of War

    • Release Date: May 10, 2006
    • Platform: PS2

    The inaugural chapter in the God of War saga unfolds, initiating Kratos' war against the Olympian gods. With a promise from Athena, the goddess of wisdom, to absolve his sins, Kratos seeks the only means to vanquish the war god Ares: the Pandora's Box.

  4. God of War - Ghost of Sparta

    • Release Date: November 5, 2010
    • Platform: PSP

    Serving as an interquel between the first and second games, Ghost of Sparta delves into Kratos' origins and his deep-seated animosity towards the gods. The prophecy of a powerful warrior seizing Olympus leads to the abduction of Kratos' brother, Deimos, by Ares and Athena.

  5. God of War - Betrayal

    • Release Date: June 20, 2007
    • Platform: Android

    A lesser-known 2D adventure released only in North America, Betrayal pits Kratos against beasts led by Argos, sent by the gods to thwart him.

  6. God of War 2

    • Release Date: May 22, 2007
    • Platform: PS2

    Stripped of divine power by Zeus, Kratos embarks on a quest for revenge, guided by the Titan Gaia. Journeying to the Moirai, he seeks to manipulate time and exact vengeance upon the gods.

  7. God of War 3

    • Release Date: March 19, 2010
    • Platform: PS3

    Scaling Olympus on the back of Gaia, confront Zeus, Hermes, Hades, Poseidon, and Helios. Despite setbacks, Kratos, now in the Styx River, relentlessly pursues the Pandora's Box.

  8. God of War (2018)

    • Release Date: April 20, 2018
    • Platforms: PS4 and PC

    Marking a paradigm shift to Norse mythology, the eighth installment introduces Kratos in a paternal role. Years after God of War 3, guide Kratos and his son Atreus on an unforgettable journey.

  9. God of War: Ragnarök

    • Anticipated Release: 2022
    • Platforms: PS4 and PS5

    The forthcoming sequel to the 2018 release promises a continuation of Kratos' saga in the Norse realm. Details on the narrative are eagerly awaited.


Having delved into the intricate tapestry of the God of War series, your understanding of Kratos' tumultuous journey is now enriched. The series, while not extensive in the number of installments, weaves a complex narrative that has captivated players worldwide. Stay tuned for God of War: Ragnarök, and continue your odyssey alongside the iconic bald warrior.


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